Tiered of gluing fake lashes onto your lash line? Semipermanent lash extensions are the best solution to natural looking lashes without the added effort of putting  on endless coats of mascara or gluing on fake lashes every single day. The procedure involves individual lashes being hand-glued on top of the client's natural lashes. Unlike fake lashes, lash extensions don’t come in a strip but rather as individual synthetic or mink hairs. This is why they are super customizable and actually look real. Results can last for 6-8 weeks until they naturally fall out like your lashes usually do. 

There are 3 different types of lash extensions. Which one suits you best?

  1. Classic: The most traditional form of eyelash extensions. A 1:1 ratio of extension are applied to natural lashes. Best suited for those who have a lot of natural lashes, want to add some length, have a defined curl, without the hassle of using mascara. Individuals with sparse lashes, won't see best results with this form of extension.
  2. Volume: A more technical form where 2-6 very thin ( 5-7x thinner than your natural lash) extensions are molded to a fan shape & applied to each natural lash. Result? Dense, fluffy lashes! Best for those with sparse lashes, where the fans overlap & cover any gaps in the lash line and create an illusion of fuller lashes. One's natural lash length and thickness determines exactly how big of a fan can be applied. 
  3. Hybrid: As the name suggests, this form is a blend of both Classic and Volume. Volume fans and Classic extensions are mixed to create a fuller and even lash line. Perfect for those, who have a few gaps in their lash line, where the Volume fans are applied, and the remainder is filled with Classic lashes to give your lashes that defined curl and boosted length.


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