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Collagen and elastin are easily the most magical duo in skincare. Why? These proteins are what make up something called "connective tissue" in our skin. Collagen is what holds our skin together, giving it that firmness we all love. Meanwhile, elastin gives our skin that stretch and bounce that defines youth. As we age, our body begins to produce less of these proteins causing our skin to lose volume and eventually sag. Although this natural process is inescapable, there is a solution - Fillers!
Dermal fillers are made of a gel-like substance called Hyaluronic Acid (a naturally occurring substance found in your skin). It is injected beneath the skin to restore lost volume, smooth lines, soften creases, or enhance facial contours. This facial rejuvenation treatment, is a non-invasive and cost-effective way to look younger without surgery or downtime.



What areas can be treated with Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers can be used to correct volume loss and fade away wrinkles in various areas of the face. Some of the problem areas include sunken cheeks, hollow under-eyes (tear trough), hollow temples, nasolabial folds (around mouth), retracted/underdeveloped chin, sagging jawline or wispy lips. 


Non-surgical Rhinoplasty: The nose is often injected with filler to correct or improve shape and contour.

How long do Dermal Fillers take to show results?

Results are seen instantly after treatment, although this gradually improves over the course of the following 2–4 weeks.

How long do Dermal Fillers last?

Results can last anywhere between 9 to 18 months. Everyone is different, so this time period also differs from person to person. Certain fillers are formulated to last longer, but are usually limited to certain areas, such as the cheeks.

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Do Dermal Filler injections hurt?

If done correctly, Dermal Filler injections are not considered a painful treatment. The treatment does not require an anesthetic as the formula is pre-made with an anesthetic.

Does Dermal Fillers have any side effects?

No. Since, Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs naturally in the cells of the skin, there is no risk of allergic reactions. Even people with food sensitivities can receive fillers safely. However, bruising, swelling, redness, or tenderness around the injection site are possible soon after treatment. These side effects will resolve without intervention after a few days of treatment, up to a week.

How should I prepare for my treatment?

We recommend our clients to temporarily discontinue alcohol 3-5 days prior to the treatment, in addition to blood thinning medications or supplements such as aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil), Gingko Biloba, or Ginseng.  This will help minimize any bruising after the procedure.

What's the ideal age to get Dermal Filler injections?

There's no right or wrong age to getting dermal filler injections. If there is an imperfection that you want corrected, dermal fillers are the perfect non-invasive solution to them. However, we do require our clients to be a minimum of 18 years and older.

Nose Filler - 0.5 ml

Nose Filler - 0.5 ml

Lip Filler - 1 ml

Lip Filler - 1 ml


Eye Trough Filler - 0.5 ml


Lip Filler - 0.5 ml

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