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Radio frequency  (RF) body contouring and skin tightening treatments have held their ground in the beauty world for a while now - and with good reason. It reduces cellulite, firms, tightens, plumps and refreshes, your skin to look more youthful, peachy, and definitely - more beautiful!

Sagging belly or droopy cheeks? Sun and Shade Med Spa uses state of the art TriLipo technology, a combination of RF heat, Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) and mechanical force to deliver non-invasive fat removal and cellulite reduction as well as skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

The triple action of TriLipo technology consists of RF deep volumetric heating, internal muscle contraction, and external mechanical force, which act together to cause fat cell shrinkage, lymphatic drainage, and stimulation of collagen & elastin production. The TriLipo triple action effect is visible from the first treatment. Long-term skin tightening and body shaping achieved in a minimal number of treatments.



How does Radio Frequency (RF) work?

Radio Frequency is a form of electrical current that converts into heat energy once inside the body. The heat generated by the RF travels through both the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin stimulating natural fat metabolism in the subcutaneous layers and the release of liquid fat from the fat cells into the extra-cellular matrix, resulting in reduction in the circumference of the treated area.

In the dermal layer, RF heats collagen ( a protein that holds skin tissue together) fibers making them contract, resulting in a tighter, smoother skin. It also accelerates fibroblast (cells that produce collagen) metabolism allowing increased collagen regeneration and long term skin tightening and firming.


How does Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA) work?

DMA energy triggers the treated muscle to contract, which in turn squeezes the fat cells. This mechanical squeezing causes the fat cells to release more fat, which is then pushed by the muscles toward the lymphatic drainage.

How does TriLipo help cellulite reduction?

Cellulite is the dimpling appearance of skin caused by fatty tissue deposits that push through fibrous bands, called septae, that connect skin to muscle. Trilipo's RF and DMA work together to help diminish the appearance of cellulite by targeting fat metabolism and encouraging collagen production, which results in firm and even skin.

What areas can TriLipo be used to treat?

TriLipo can be used to treat a variety of problem areas - the two most common of them being the face (aka Non-Surgical Face-lift) and the buttocks (aka Non-Surgical Butt-lift). Other common treatment areas include the neck, abdomen, love handles, upper arms, upper back (bra line) and thighs.


How long does it take to see results?

The time taken to see results varies from individual to individual, however most patients start to see skin tightening results immediately after the first treatment. Body contouring results may take between 2 - 3 sessions, while long term results are visible 6-8 weeks after the last session.

How many sessions will I need?

As each individual has varying levels of fat composition and degree of collagen makeup in skin, the number of recommended sessions varies with each client. It also depends on the clients genetic and environmental factors as well as the size of the area. Most commonly our clients require 4-6 sessions, spaced 7 - 10 days apart for skin tightening on the face and neck. Body contouring and cellulite reduction however, may require a higher number of sessions. The treatment protocol is decided by your medical aesthetician according to your customized needs. 


Who is the ideal candidate for TriLipo?

Everyone (technically)! Anyone, of any size, shape or ethnicity, can utilize the benefits of TriLipo. However, people with certain conditions such as cancer (especially skin cancer), uncontrolled diabetes, any active skin condition in the area of the treatment or metal implants are restricted from undergoing TriLipo. Moreover, pregnant women are contraindicated from undergoing TriLipo.


Does TriLipo hurt?

Most clients describe our TriLipo treatments to be a pleasant and relaxing procedure. The RF is comparable to a warm hot stone massage. The DMA can be described as a minor muscle twitch/contraction. The level of DMA is set based on each individual client's tolerance and may not always be indicated for use. 

Does TriLipo have any downtime?

Not at all! There is absolutely no downtime after TriLipo and you may go about your day as normal minutes after your treatment.

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