All facials are preceded by a thorough skin analysis by our very talented medical aestheticians.  Sun and Shade Med Spa
offers an array of customized facial treatments to suit the unique requirements of each individual.  The purpose of a facial is to loosen the dead cells off of the top layer of skin with a mild acid/enzyme peel, or mechanically by gently massaging the dead skin forming a gommage.  If desired congestion/comedones and millia are gently removed.  Masks, serums and moisturizers are then applied to address various needs.  During the facial massage toxins are drained away by lymphatic drainage, the skin is revitalized with serums and carefully chosen products , to rejuvenate your skin and treat specific skin problems in a soothing spa environment. 

Oily skin that is prone to outbreaks, may clog up with the use of traditional facial oils and moisturizers and increase the oiliness of your skin. This in turn can trigger more acne. A deep cleansing facial  using skincare products made with medical grade ingredients such as niacinamide and salicylic acid will help remove excess oil, unclog pores and prevent future breakouts by killing acne causing bacteria. 

Dermalogica's Active Clearing line of products have the perfect blend of medical grade ingredients and natural oil absorbing ingredients such as soothing Bentonite clay, Balm Mint extract, Tea tree and Eucalyptus oils. These help mattify oily skin and soothe any irritation brought on by breakouts along with aiding in clearing acne.

Best Add On's: Extractions, LED Light Therapy, High Frequency


Normal to Dry skin types can be treated with a wide range of moisturizers, toners, and facial masks. A deep cleansing facial for normal/ dry skin includes a double cleanse, gentle exfoliation with a rice powder polish, moisturizing massage, a hydrating facial mask, targeted serums and a nutrient packed moisturizer containing the most important ingredient - SPF. All our facials end with SPF as it is the most important step to any skin care routine.

Again we use our trusted skincare products from Dermalogica. When it comes to targeting dryness we like to use their ultra nourishing Intensive Moisture Balance line of products which are rich in fatty acids such as Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Myristic Acid to help restore the lipid barrier balance. In addition, a blend of plant oils and Hyaluronic acid locks in hydration to help enhance the skin’s moisture content and reduce the appearance of fine lines. 

Best Add On's: Extractions, LED Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion, TriLipo RF Skin Tightening


This facial is probably the most luxurious of all our facials. Corpa Flora’s ALL natural, preservative-free, fragrance free lipid complexes go beyond conventional beauty. The skin at its healthiest is held together by a lipid/oil matrix. As we age, we produce less of the oils that give our skin a healthy glow. Corpa Flora's lipid formulas can penetrate the epidermis of the skin much more than most cream based products, and helps strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier. This, in combination with their Epidermal Hydration Enhancers made with biocompatible hyaluronic acid works like a magnet to keep the moisture on the skin - any type of skin (dry, sensitive or oily) !



This facial features the use of an instant lifting ANTIDOTE, an excellent source of omega- 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids. It also has Gatuline ® In-tense (known as “nature’s Botox”)  - a concentrated oily extract derived from the African flower Acmella. This promotes blood flow and skin repair, encouraging collagen synthesis, thus relieving fine lines and wrinkles. ANTIDOTE 01 can be used for all skin types, particularly mature skin to correct devitalized skin lacking elasticity and firmness.

PREVENTIVE & PURIFYING FACIAL  (For Normal/Combination Skin)

This treatment features the use of a high performance anti-aging ANTIDOTE containing Sytenol A, a natural form of Retinol obtained from Indian babchi seeds. This easily-absorbed complex stimulates cell renewal, helps support the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin, significantly improving the look of wrinkles, skin imperfections and age spots without the usual Retinol- associated side effects such as redness. Also rich in essential fatty acids (omega-3,6,7 and 9) which this facial aims at restoring epidermal health, skin's softness and glow. 


SOOTHING FACIAL  (For Dry, Sensitive Skin)

This treatment will rejuvenate dull and sensitive skins and give back its youthful glow and softness. The protocol includes use of ANTIDOTE 03, a unique formula with Gatuline ® Derma-Sensitive, a natural soothing active oil derived from caper buds which reduces the secretion of pro-inflammatory molecules to soothe discomfort, and redness of the dry or sensitive skin.This complex is also rich in Omega-3,6,7 and 9 which play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy skin membrane, that helps revitalize dehydrated skin. Finally, CO2 extracted from German Chamomile further reduces irritations, redness, and reduces the appearance of broken capillaries. This treatment revives skin serenity and imparts a calming, vasoconstrictor benefit useful for rosacea sufferers.

Best Add On's: Extractions, LED Light Therapy, Microdermabrasion, High Frequency


An extraction is the cleaning of a compacted or clogged pore through manual or mechanical means. The most common reason for an extraction is a Comedone (blackhead). A blackhead is a pore that has been blocked and clogged with excess sebum and dead skin cells, which have oxidized and darkened from being exposed to the air. 

Depending on their size and depth, milia, papules and pustules can also be extracted. This usually require the use of a lancet to carefully lift and remove the top layer to allow an easier extraction.

Some pores may not be easily extracted the first time and additional treatments may be required before they can be cleared.


LED therapy uses light in the visible spectrum to penetrate the skin for various health purposes. As the wavelength of the light increases, the depth of penetration of the light also increase. This light is absorbed by various receptors in the skin, and each colour of light stimulates a different response in the skin.

LED Light Benefits:

  • Red [Anti - aging]: Stimulates Collagen & Elastin | Firms | Boosts Circulation | Repairs Cells 

  • Blue [Acne]: Anti-Bacterial | Destroys P. Acne Bacteria | Stabilize Oil Glands | Speed Up Healing | Reduce Inflammation

  • Yellow [Soothing]: Reduce Skin Redness | Reduce Inflammation | Boosts Lymphatic Flow | Increases Cellular Growth

  • Green [Pigmentation]: Fades Discolouration | Lightens Sun Damage | Improves Skin Tone | Reduce Redness

A non-invasive skincare procedure that gently exfoliates with the help of a diamond tip instrument to remove dead skin cells and dirt build up from the surface of the skin. This gentle exfoliation stimulates your skin to produce new skin cells and increase collagen and elastin production. This process makes microdermabrasion a remarkable treatment to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, resulting in a soft, smooth and younger looking skin.

If you have oily skin this is a great way to minimize the size of large pores and production of excess oil while gently removing any blackheads & whiteheads, leaving your skin - clean, fresh and firm. 

Sun And Shade Med Spa
A very popular non-invasive treatment technique that provides a safe and gentle high frequency electrical current to the face. 

We use a neon, or argon gas filled glass electrode to treat various contours of the face. The electrode passes a mild electrical current on to the skin, causing it to emit a subtle neon glow each time it provides current.

This current in turn produces enriched oxygen molecules that create an anti-bacterial action and thermal tissue warming helping blood vessels push away toxins, increase blood circulation and renew skin cells - supporting increased levels of collagen and elastin. High frequency has proven to be effective on almost any skin lesion from active acne & open pores to burns. Increased oxygen to the skin improves overall texture, tone, and a glow in a safe, gentle and therapeutic manner.

Best for: Acne prone skin, fading fine-lines and to de-puff swollen undereye circles.

TriLipo's Radio Frequency (RF) technology is a combination of RF heat, dynamic muscle activation and mechanical force which are used to deliver non-invasive fat removal, cellulite reduction as well as skin tightening and wrinkle reduction.

How? The heat generated by the RF travels through both the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin stimulating and increasing fat metabolism in the subcutaneous layers and collagen remodeling in the dermal layers. The RF also heats the collagen fibers making them contract, resulting in a tighter, smoother skin and long term skin tightening and firming.