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Laser hair removal is the most popular and effective way to remove unwanted hair permanently. Your treatment would be done with the Elos Plus Laser by Candela. Its special dual technology of Radio Frequency and Optical Light allows deeper ingression of heat and has shown great results with all our laser clients. Each individual requires 6 - 8 treatments to see up to 90% reduction. To learn more click here.


LARGE AREAS: Full Face, French Bikini, Chest, Upper/Lower Back, Buttocks, Upper or Lower arms, Upper or Lower legs

APPLICABLE MEDIUM AREAS: Underarms, Bikini Line, Cheeks, Lip+Chin


NOTE: This purchase covers 6 treatments of ONLY 1 of the above Large areas and 3 treatments of ONLY 1 of the above Medium Areas.

Laser Hair Removal LARGE AREA - 6 Sessions

C$699.00 Regular Price
C$359.00Sale Price